Discovering a broken water pipe outside the house can be stressful. Addressing the issue is crucial, whether it’s a burst pipe or a persistent water leak on the pavement. This blog discusses how to effectively identify and deal with broken pipes outside your house.

Identifying a Broken Water Pipe

Identifying a broken water pipe is crucial to prevent extensive water damage and costly repairs. Here are some signs to look out for:

Visible Signs of Water Leakage

One of the most apparent indicators of a burst water pipe outside house is the presence of water where it shouldn’t be. When inspecting the area outside your house, look for:

  • Puddles or Pooling Water – Check for puddles or pools of water in your yard, driveway, or on the pavement near your property. These can indicate a significant leak or burst pipe.
  • Wet Spots or Dampness – Even if no large puddles exist, pay attention to areas consistently damp or wetter than the surrounding ground. It could signal an underground leak that is seeping to the surface.
  • Soggy Soil or Soft Ground – Walk around your property and note areas where the soil feels unusually soggy or soft underfoot. It can be caused by water leaking from a broken pipe underground.

Unexplained Increase in Water Bills

Keep track of your water usage and monthly bills. A sudden increase in the bill can strongly indicate a hidden leak, including one outside your house. Compare your current bills to past months to identify any significant spikes in water consumption that cannot be attributed to normal usage. Read water about Common Plumbing Emergencies and How to Prevent Them

Check Water Pressure and Flow

Another way to detect a possible broken water pipe outside house is by monitoring the water pressure and flow in your plumbing system:

  • Low Water Pressure – A leak or break in the main water line to your home may be the cause of any reduction in water pressure throughout your  – house.
  • Fluctuating Water Flow – Pay attention to changes in water flow when using faucets, showers, or other water outlets. Fluctuations or intermittent flow can indicate a problem in the water supply line.

Listen for Unusual Sounds

Sometimes, burst water pipe outside house can produce distinct sounds that may help in identifying the issue:

  • Hissing or Rushing Sounds – Listen for hissing, rushing, or gurgling noises near external water pipes or areas where water lines are located. These sounds indicate water escaping from a damaged pipe and may be audible without visible leaks.

Inspect Water Meter

Your water meter can provide valuable information regarding potential leaks or pipe breakages

  • Check for Continuous Usage – Shut off all water sources in your house and then monitor the water meter. There may be a leak in the water supply line if the meter shows water usage even though no water is being used inside.

Professional Pipe Inspection

water pipe repair and installation

If you suspect there’s a broken water pipe outside your house but can’t pinpoint the source or confirm the issue, it’s advisable to call a professional plumber. Plumbers are equipped with specialized tools like leak detection devices and pipe inspection cameras, along with the expertise to swiftly identify and fix any burst water pipe outside your house. Additionally, for plumbing emergencies, remember that 24/7 plumbers are available to assist you.


What to Do with a Broken Water Pipe

Here’s what you need to do if you’re faced with a broken water pipe in your home:

Turn Off the Water Supply

When you suspect a broken pipe outside your house, locate the main water shut-off valve and turn it off. This step will prevent further water loss and damage.

Assess the Damage

Carefully inspect the area around the broken pipe to assess the extent of the damage. Look for cracks, leaks, or signs of corrosion on the pipe itself.

Call for a Professional Plumber

Speak with a licensed plumber near you who has repaired water pipes before. They’ll have the knowledge and resources to safely identify and fix the problem.

Temporary Fixes

You can temporarily mitigate the damage while waiting for the plumber’s arrival. Consider using pipe repair tape or a pipe clamp to seal the affected area temporarily for minor leaks.

Follow Safety Precautions

Avoid contact with standing water around the broken pipe, especially if you suspect it may be contaminated. Wear protective gear to handle the area before professional help arrives.

Detecting and Repairing Broken Pipes Early to Prevent Water Damage

Dealing with a broken water pipe outside your house requires swift action and the involvement of qualified professionals. Remember to prioritize safety and seek professional assistance to effectively address water pipe emergencies.

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