A kitchen sink clog is a frequent home annoyance, and the problem can be made worse if grease is the cause of the blockage. Grease accumulation in your pipes, whether from cooking oil, butter, or food residue, can cause a complete blockage or delayed drainage. In such cases, our hydro jet drain cleaning professionals in Connecticut can provide an effective solution by thoroughly clearing the grease buildup from your pipes.

In this blog, we’ll go over efficient ways on how to unclog a kitchen sink clogged with grease so you can keep your kitchen clean and the drainage system operating smoothly.

Understanding the Problem

Grease is infamous for its propensity to harden, adhere to the walls of the pipes, and progressively build up over time. It may seem innocuous when first poured into the drain, but as it cools, it hardens and collects other material, creating a clog that is difficult to remove. Ignoring grease accumulation can lead to bad smells, sluggish drainage, and possibly even plumbing system damage. Addressing kitchen sink clogged with grease promptly and taking preventive measures to avoid these issues is essential. 

Preventive Measures to Avoid Grease Clogs

Dispose of Grease Properly: 

Grease should be cooled in a container before being disposed of in the garbage, not down the drain.

Use Strainers: 

Cover your drains with wash basin strainers to stop grease and food remnants from getting into your pipes.

Hot Water Flush: 

Use hot water regularly to clean your wash basin to help avoid grease accumulation.

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Practical Solutions for Grease Clogs

grease clogged kitchen sink

Boiling Water:

One of the easiest but surprisingly effective ways to fix a kitchen sink clogged with grease is to boil water. Here’s how to make good use of it:

Once the water comes to a roaring boil, slowly pour it down the drain. Remember to use oven mitts or other protective gear to avoid scalding yourself.

The hot water melts and breaks down grease, making it easier to pass through the pipes. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar:

This proven DIY procedure can chemically break down your pipes’ grease and other organic compounds. Perform these actions:

  • First, start by emptying the drain of half a cup of baking soda. 
  • Next, flush the drain with one cup of white vinegar. White vinegar’s acidity is perfect for dissolving grease and other organic compounds in your pipes.
  • The two chemicals will react with a fizzing sound when they mix. 
  • Let the mixture remain in the drain for about fifteen minutes to enable it to pass through the pipes and dissolve the grease. 
  • After that, use hot water to flush the drain and remove any remaining residue and dissolved grease.

Dish Soap:

Dish soap may be used as an efficient grease-fighting agent to unclog drains and for dishwashing. It is how to apply it:

  • Fill the blocked drain with a large stream of dish soap.
  • Let the dish soap sit in the sewer for a few minutes to help it seep through and dissolve the fat. 
  • Let it sit for a while, then use hot water to flush the grease and debris down the drain. 


Plunging is frequently employed to remove obstructions brought on by solid objects, but it may also help remove grease clogs. Take these actions:  

  • Add enough water to the washbasin so that the drain hole is covered.
  • Make sure the drain is tightly sealed by placing a plunger over it. 
  • To release the grease blockage and generate pressure, firmly pump the plunger up and down. 
  • Remove the plunger after a few plunges, then make sure the water drains quickly.

When to Seek Professional Help

It’s essential to seek expert help if DIY solutions don’t work to unblock your kitchen sink or if you suspect a severe obstruction. Rest assured, a licensed plumbing company has the knowledge and equipment to safely and effectively clear difficult grease blockages, ensuring your peace of mind and the smooth operation of your plumbing system.

Conclusion: Ensure a Smooth Flow in Your Kitchen Sink

Grease-clogged kitchen sink can be challenging, but if you use the proper method, you can clear the blockage and prevent future issues. By taking preventive steps, such as disposing of grease properly, using filters, and regularly cleaning your sink with hot water, you can prevent grease accumulation and maintain smooth drainage in your kitchen sink for many years.

Rapid Rooter provides effective grease blockage removal services in Danbury and surrounding Connecticut areas. With our professional knowledge and specialized equipment, we use techniques like plunging, baking soda, and hot water to guarantee quick and efficient drain cleaning. Our services are designed to clear current blockages and prevent future ones.